Norway: Hijab is permitted for female Muslim police


Muslim female police officers are now allowed to wear hijabs or headscarves with their uniforms, according to Norwegian police director Ingelin Killengreen. Killengreen said that the headscarves were allowed to be worn by police officers in an attempt to increase recruitment.

In addition, a number of female immigrants wear the garment for various reasons, and the headscarf ought to be allowed in order to avoid excluding diversity and recruitment of immigrant police officers.

The country’s leading police official said that being open with uniform additions such as the hijab would for allow all members of Norwegian society to feel equal and foster increased trust. However, Arne Johannessen, the head of the Policemen’s Union, told the Post that hijabs would violate the planned neutrality of the average Norwegian police officer’s uniform. “This is a nice gesture towards the Arab and Muslim community in Norway,” said Brahim Belkilani, the head of Islamic League in Norway.

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