A Swiss army lieutenant has been declared a security risk by the Swiss federal constitutional court and has decided that he should be kept away from all confidential information. Gibril Muhammad Zwicker converted to Islam three years ago and has since become a member of the controversial Central Islamic Council of Switzerland (IZRS).
Zwicker has made a number of comments which have raised eyebrows in the top ranks of the military, ranging from supposed acceptable forms of corporal punishment for women to Islam’s being the only true religion. A conviction for the purchase and consumption of cannabis, for which he was fined 300 Swiss francs, contributed to the decision of department for the oversight of personal security in the field of information and material security (IOS) to recommend that he be suspended from all access to confidential information.
In his defense, Zwicker states that he has done nothing contrary to the military or anything that might put anyone in danger. Moreover, he feels betrayed by the army and his superiors, given that he had always correctly accomplished his duties and followed orders.

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