• France’s National Assembly Diversifies

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    Le Monde – JUNE 19 2012

    Mostly “white” until now, France’s National Assembly has diversified
    following the legislative elections on June 17^th . Eight deputies of
    Maghrebian, Asian and Brasilian origin have been elected. They are all
    members of the Socialist party. The Maghrebian members include: Kader
    Arif (Haute-Garonne), the former minister of veteran affairs, who
    arrived in France at 4 years old with her Algerian-born parents. Malek
    Boutih (Essonne), 47 and of Algerian origin, has spent 30 years working
    in social and political organizations, including SOS Racisme, where he
    was president from 1999-2003. Kheira Bouziane (Côte-d’Or), is a 58
    year-old Economics professor born in Oran, Algeria. Chaynesse Khirouni
    (Meurthe-et-Moselle) was a micro-finance teacher at the University of
    Lorraine before she became involved in politics in 2008. And, Razzy
    Hammadi (Seine-Saint-Denis) who was born to an Algerian father and a
    Tunisian mother. Hammadi was formally the president of the Socialist
    Youth Movement from 2005-2007 and has worked for the public service
    since 2008.

    Other members of immigrant origins include, from Tchad, Seybah Dagoma
    (Paris), 34, a former lawyer who formally worked for Bertrand Delanoë as
    person in charge of the social economy. Born in Nantes, she is a
    founding member of the think tank, Terra Nova and of the scientific
    council of the Jean-Jaures Foundation. Pouria Amirshahi (France
    overseas), was born in Iran and came to France when he was five. His
    father returned to Iran and he grew up with her mother in a housing
    project in the outskirts of Paris. Eduardo Rihan Cypel (Seine-et-Marne)
    is 36 years old and was born in Brazil. He’s known for his work fighting
    against the immigration policies within Sarkozy’s government.

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