Dutch hotline for Muslim discrimination and national surveillance project for Dutch mosques


The Dutch Muslim organization Platform Moslims in The Hague has started a hotline for Muslims who feel threatened or discriminated. The organization was established recently and unites nineteen Islamic organization and mosques. Platform Moslims has stated that it wants to lower the threshold for Muslims to report incidents. At the hotline victims are being directed to the police and explained the possibilities of reporting the incident to the authorities.

One of The Hague’s governors Rabin Baldewsing has stated that expressions of “Islamophobia,” just like expressions of anti-semitism, should be allocated to a separate register. According to Baldewsing Muslim discrimination is currently being downplayed.

Another Muslim initiative is the project called Hirasa Center, an initiative of the Tasmim foundation. It’s goals is to provide surveillance for mosques. The initiators hope to eventually involve all Dutch mosques in this project in which volunteers work as security personal. The initiators have voiced their intention to work together with the CMO, the Dutch organization for Muslim-government relations. In addition the organization aims to inform the public about Islamophobia and to provide victim care and self-defense courses to women that have had to deal with Islamophobic aggression.

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