Nice bans Muslim couple’s marriage


Nice’s mayor has refused to validate a Muslim couple’s marriage because of suspicion concerning the couple’s potential radicalization. The city stated that they prevented the union because they doubted the spouses’ mutual consent. However, according to France Bleu, there concerns about jihadism that pushed the city to refuse the union. A prosecutor was called in after the cancellation and an investigation was opened against the couple.

“When you also know that the future husband was sentenced, less than two months ago, for group violence against a baker who had committed the only crime of selling ham sandwiches and Baba au Rhum (a rum-soaked cake), I consider it was legitimate for me to seize the prosecutor, which launched an investigation,” mayor Christian Estrosi explained.

The man was also monitored by the General Directorate for Internal Security (Direction Générale de la Sécurité Intérieure, DGSI), the French intelligence agency, because it was believed he was likely to wage jihad abroad. The groom’s lawyer declined to comment, saying he wished to speak with his clients.

“In our country there are things we cannot accept. I am opposed to this marriage, I refused to celebrate it,” Estrosi tweeted.

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