“On Friday a man drove toward four soldiers part of the Sentinel operation, charged with protecting the Valence mosque.

After issuing warnings, they were forced to use their weapons, injuring the driver. One of the four soldiers was hurt. A mosque attendee was also hit in the leg by a stray bullet and was helped by one of the soldiers

The CFCM condemns with the greatest firmness this cowardly attack that targeted troops charged with the protection and security of places of worship, and who are enormously appreciated by worshippers throughout France.

The CFCM also expresses its solidarity with the leaders and worshippers of the Great Mosque of Valence who were profoundly shocked by the act, which occurred on the day of Friday prayer.

Pending the investigation’s results to determine the attacker’s true motives, the CFCM reaffirms its call to all citizens for calm and vigilance.”

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