February 4, 2015

The motives of girls and young women to travel to ISIS in Syria differ from the motives of young men. It is therefore a good idea to develop a different approach to prevent these young women to leave. Involve the parents actively with these interventions. Work on the defensibility of these women and bring into view who have influence on them. These are the most important conclusions and recommendations from the publication “women ISIS-goers: why do they go?” of the Knowledge Platform Integration & Society.

The publication was written by Sahar Noor. Her findings were based on an extensive literature research and several interviews with experts. With men financial reasons, status, obtaining power and a position as a fighter can be important motivations. With women the image of a romantic adventure play a role. In addition this choice is also a form of freedom of choosing a partner and does this step have an emancipating effect: they distance themselves from their parents and choose their own partner.

Since 2012 approximately sixty girls and young women have left the Netherlands to join ISIS in Syria.

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