Terhi Kiemunki, the vice-spokesman for the Pirkanmaa district office of the Finns Party (Perussuomalaiset), lost her position over racist comments she posted on her facebook profile about Muslim children. During the Easter festivities in Finland it is a common practice for children in costumes to go from door to door, recite a traditional Easter poem and give the house owner a decorated willow branch. In return they received sweets or few coins.

Kiemunki had observed hijab wearing Muslim girls participating in this tradition in her neighborhood. She wrote about it on her facebook profile and asked ironically, “whether it was a sign of integration now that Muslim kids were also participating or whether Allah as well had some kind of an anniversary”. She also regretted that she had no condoms to give to those children. Moreover, she wondered what kind of a poem the children would recite if they come to her door or would a mere “Allahu Akbar” be sufficient. When confronted about her comments, Kiemunki defended herself by saying that Easter is a Christian tradition but apologized later for her comments. The party leaders distanced themselves from Kiemunki’s comments and noted that she needs to take responsibility for her actions. The decision for firing Kiemunki from her position as a vice-spokesman in the district office was voted for by the members of her district office.  

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