Jeroen Vlug

Jeroen VlugJ. Vlug

Ph.D Candidate, Civilization Studies, Alliance of Civilizations Institute, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Waqf

University (Istanbul, Turkey)

Project Responsibilities:

Researcher on Islam in the Netherlands

Contact Information:

Research Interests:

-Islamic intellectual history (medieval and modern periods)
-Islamic philosophy and theology
-Islamic textual hermeneutics (Qur‛ān and ḥadīth studies)
-Islamic political and social thought and praxis
-Sociology and anthropology of Islam and Muslim societies
-Ottoman and Turkish studies
-Islamophobia studies
-Postcolonial studies
-(Post)secularism and religion
-Media, religion and culture
-Comparative civilization studies
-Religion and literature
-Methodological approaches in religious studies
-Religious epistemologies

Professional Positions:

-Ph.D Student and Research Assistant, Alliance of Civilizations Institute, Fatih Sultan Mehmet

Waqf University

-Researcher on Islam in the Netherlands,

-Freelance Communication and PR-consultant.

Professional Bio:

Jeroen studied Theology and Religious Studies at VU University Amsterdam (Netherlands) in the Faculties of Divinity and Social Sciences specializing in Islamic Studies and sociology and anthropology of religion. After his MA degree he moved to Istanbul (Turkey) to do an in-depth study of the languages that concern his research (mainly Arabic, Turkish and Ottoman) and to pursue a Ph.D in Civilization Studies at the Alliance of Civilizations Institute, a research institute that focuses on classical and contemporary Civilization Studies from an interdisciplinary perspective, drawing on theories and methodologies from the broad spectrum of the humanities and social sciences. In addition Jeroen enrolled in an Istanbul-based theological seminary to study Islamic theology and religious studies were his focus mainly lies on Islamic textual hermeneutics (i.e. Qur‛ān and ḥadīth studies). Jeroen has done sociological and historical research on Islamic revivalist movements and thought, Ottoman/Turkish intellectual history and on (post)secularism and religion. He has also done
qualitative research on the reception of religious pareidolia among Muslim and Christian youth in the Netherlands. Currently Jeroen is working on a comparative historical-sociological study of Islamic and European political thought and praxis in the early and late modern times in the context of the advent of secular modernity. The provisional title of his Ph.D project is: ‟Islamic Political Formations – Religious Legitimacy, Governance, and the Predicament of Secular Modernity”.


CV Jeroen Vlug

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