Shelby Condray

Shelby CondrayShelby Condray is the webmaster for

He is a talented creative specialist offering an extensive toolkit of marketing, graphics and communications skills successfully applied in corporate, educational and non-profit environments.

His primary passion is analyzing and fixing broken things, whether they be systems, processes, or relationships. He is always looking to be part of “the solution,” and he enjoys how his work with Euro-Islam allows him to collaborate with a team engaged in pursuing their mission passionately.

His work history in the IT field includes Harvard University Center for Government and International Studies, Boston University School of Management, Yale School of Music, and numerous other organizations both inside and outside of academia.

He has an MDIV from Boston University School of Theology, a MM from Yale University School of Music, and two undergraduate degrees from the University of Colorado at Boulder.

His current interests include data visualization, Human Rights, and Nietzsche.

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