German policy-makers contemplate hijab ban for girls under the age of 14

The state government of North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW), the most populous of Germany’s 16 federal states, is contemplating following the Austrian lead and banning girls under the age of 14 from wearing a hijab. The proponents of this prohibition have been vague on where it is...

Old and new forms of racism in Germany: Ethnic hatred and Islamophobia revisited

Are the rising levels of Islamophobic hate crimes in Germany indicative of a new form of racism? Yes, says Yasemin Shooman, researcher at the Technical University of Berlin and director of the Jewish-Islamic Forum at Berlin’s renowned Jewish Museum. 'Immigrant' = 'Muslim' The backdrop to Shooman's...

As 2nd Muslim Women’s Day takes place, MuslimGirl continues to empower and celebrate the voices of Muslim women

March 27th 2018 marked the second official Muslim Women’s Day, which aims to empower and celebrate the voices of Muslim women. The event was launched by the blog MuslimGirl, which provides a space for the narratives of Muslim women, who exist in a world of misrepresentation about Islam.

Jailing of Parsons Green bomber raises questions about effectiveness of Prevent

Ahmed Hassan has been sentenced to thirty-four years in jail for his attempted bombing of a London train. It has emerged Hassan was referred to the Prevent programme twice, but the extent of the threat he posed was not realised.

UK National Union of Students (NUS) publishes report on the experience of Muslim students...

The National Union of Students (NUS) has published its report ‘The experience of Muslim students in 2017-18’. The report highlights the obstacles Muslim students experience in higher and further education, including raising concerns about the effect of the Prevent initiative.

British middle-class Muslim children homeschooled because of racist bullying in mainstream schools, paper finds

The paper, from the University of Portsmouth and the University of Birmingham, has found that middle-class British Muslim parents are homeschooling their children because they are being subject to racist bullying in mainstream schools.

“Hello, I am a Muslim” event launched across Europe, Canada, and Australia to counter...

The event, organised by the Islamic Community Milli Gorus (ICMG) sees young Muslims promote mutual understanding through the “Hello, I am a Muslim” message. More than five hundred European mosques are taking part in the initiative.

French President meets Sherin Khankan, founder of Denmark’s first female-led mosque, to discuss balance...

The French President, Emmanuel Macron, has met Sherin Khankan, the founder of Denmark’s first female-led mosque, as well as other religious leaders, to discuss the balance between religion and politics in France and how social problems connected to religious and cultural differences may be tackled.

UK teacher’s union votes to challenge Ofsted’s stance on banning hijabs in schools

A motion at the National Education Union’s annual conference has said that Ofsted’s stance on banning hijabs in schools risks community cohesion, with delegates commenting its ‘muscular liberalism’ is Islamophobic and racist.

Communities rally in support of Muslim community on ‘Punish a Muslim Day’, but some...

Events were held in cities around the UK to express solidarity with the Muslim community on ‘Punish a Muslim Day’. However, given the institutional and structural nature of Islamophobia, it has been warned one day of support is not enough.

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