As the far right seeks to co-opt the Jewish vote, uncomfortable questions about Germany’s culture of memory arise

On October 7, the far-right Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party welcomed the creation of its newest inner-party pressure group: up to 20 Jewish AfD members gathered in the Hessian city of Offenbach to form a circle aiming to represent Jewish interests within and through...

“Most non-Muslim adults in Western Europe favor at least some restrictions on the religious clothing of Muslim women”, Pew Research Center finds

In line with the introduction of burqa bans in many countries in Europe over recent years, a survey of fifteen European countries from the Pew Research Center has shown that “Most non-Muslim adults in Western Europe favor at least some restrictions on the religious clothing of Muslim women who live in their country”.

Amid concern about Anjem Choudary’s release from prison, Ed Husain writes that the discourse of the Labour leadership is fuelling Islamist extremism

Writing in The Telegraph, Ed Husain says that the case of Anjem Choudary, the Islamist hate preacher who is due to be released from jail next month, demonstrates that the West “still has no answer to the Islamist ideal of the Caliphate”. He goes onto suggest that the discourse of the Labour leadership is fuelling Islamist extremism.

As a divorce settlement is awarded for a non-legally recognised nikah, what does this...

Earlier this summer, the High Court ruled that the nikah of Nasreen Akhter and Mohammed Shabaz Khan fell within the scope of the 1973 Matrimonial Causes Act, and therefore that Akhter was entitled to a divorce settlement. Detailed analysis of the case and the ruling raises questions about the status of religious law in UK courts, whether there is a need to reform existing marriage laws, and about the protection of women in non-legally recognised marriages.

Proposal to make handshakes mandatory for Danish citizenship criticized for targeting Muslims

Criticism of a proposal by Denmark’s ruling right-wing coalition, which requires a handshake as part of a citizenship naturalization ceremony, is growing because of its deliberate targeting of Muslims, some of whom place a hand on their chest during the ceremony for religious reasons. The proposal is the latest in a series of anti-Muslim policies in the country.

MAP-NYC project reveals the significant impact of Muslim women activists in New York City,...

The Muslims for American Progress NYC (MAP-NYC) project, launched in 2017 by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding, sought in part to counter the negative media portrayals of Muslims, which are so prominent. What emerges are the stories of Muslim women who, although often unrecognised, have driven significant civil change through politically organizing and making themselves visible. This mobilisation is motivated by a religious identity which calls on them to protect and love, and therefore tackle injustice.

Boris Johnson’s comments on the burqa: Is Islamophobia being used for political gain in...

2018 has seen repeated calls for the Conservative party to launch an official inquiry into Islamophobia within its ranks to ensure that it does not accommodate racism and bigotry. Do Boris Johnson’s recent comments on the burqa reveal a culture of using Islamophobia for political gain in the party?

Document released on French government’s Islam reform

Europe 1 was able to consult the unpublished document on the French government's Islam reform. The initiative is the product of a project directed by Hakim El Karoui, a specialist in Islamic history, for...

Hajj and globalisation: How Saudi Arabia is adapting, and could adapt, to the challenges...

With demand for Hajj increasing, Saudi Arabia has had to adapt the infrastructure of the pilgrimage, and faces further challenges in terms of regulating the Hajj tour-operating industry which operates worldwide.

Ethnonationalist mob violence in Chemnitz demonstrates far right strength

The slogan “We are the people!” (Wir sind das Volk!) was one of the iconic protest chants of the 1989 ‘peaceful revolution’. It helped seal the fate of the crumbling regime of East Germany’s...

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