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‘Islamophobia’: A contested term in UK discourse

Recent claims that Islamophobia does not exist has prompted questioning over whether the term, which some argue conflates the anti-Muslim and the anti-Islam, is a useful one to use.

Poll shows political engagement among American Muslims is growing and the...

The 2018 survey by the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding (ISPU) charts the attitudes and policy preferences of Americans concerning Muslims and Islam, and introduces the first Islamophobia Index, a scale that measures anti-Muslim prejudice in America.

Action must be taken to combat gendered, ethno-racial, and religious discrimination...

In a statement for International Women’s Day, Mend calls attention to the gendered, ethno-racial, and religious discrimination faced by British women from minority groups. Studies show that Muslim women are significantly disadvantaged in participating in economic activity and gaining employment in the UK.

UK government’s ‘Integrated Communities Strategy’ draws criticism for its emphasis on...

The ‘Integrated Communities Strategy’ green paper sets out “an ambitious long-term plan of action to tackle the root causes of poor integration and create a stronger, more united Britain”. It has invited submissions on this subject to its official consultation, which is running over the next twelve weeks. The paper has drawn criticism for its emphasis on minority communities, and ignorance of how spending cuts have hampered strategies already in place to achieve the paper’s proposed aims.