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Communities rally in support of Muslim community on ‘Punish a Muslim...

Events were held in cities around the UK to express solidarity with the Muslim community on ‘Punish a Muslim Day’. However, given the institutional and structural nature of Islamophobia, it has been warned one day of support is not enough.

‘Love a Muslim Day’ campaign goes viral after ‘Punish a Muslim...

The ‘Love a Muslim Day’ campaign encourages people to do nice things for Muslims and people in need, and has received mass support on social media. However, the reality of this supposed positive impact has been questioned and dismissed as complicit in a cycle which perpetuates intolerance towards Muslims in Western society.

The emerging Muslim American mental health movement

In an effort to combat the stigma of mental health within the community, and the unique challenges the community faces as an often marginalised minority in the U.S., a movement supporting the mental health needs of Muslim Americans is emerging.