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Cartoon Controversy in UK Schools

At the end of March, a teacher at Batley Grammar School in West Yorkshire was suspended following a religious studies lesson in...

The Edge of Violence: A Radical Approach to Extremism

The path into terrorism in the name of Islam is often described as a process of radicalisation. But to be radical is not necessarily to be violent. Violent radicals are clearly enemies of liberal democracies, but non-violent radicals might sometimes be powerful allies. This report is a summary of two years of research examining the difference between violent and non-violent radicals in Europe and Canada. It represents a step towards a more nuanced understanding of behaviour across radicalised individuals, the appeal of the al-Qaeda narrative, and the role of governments and communities in responding.

To fight radicalism, de-glamorise al-Qaeda and laugh about it, report suggests

The British think tank Demos has published a report on radical Islam, the bottom line of which is that it can be defeated by...