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Tag: Islamophobic

Proposal to make handshakes mandatory for Danish citizenship criticized for targeting...

Criticism of a proposal by Denmark’s ruling right-wing coalition, which requires a handshake as part of a citizenship naturalization ceremony, is growing because of its deliberate targeting of Muslims, some of whom place a hand on their chest during the ceremony for religious reasons. The proposal is the latest in a series of anti-Muslim policies in the country.

Civil society organisations in Germany mobilise against Islamophobic rightward turn

In recent weeks, Mesut Özil’s resignation from Germany’s national football team and the ensuing debate on racism, spearheaded by the #MeTwo hashtag, have galvanised...

Tell Mama’s annual report: 2017 saw record number of anti-Muslim attacks...

The Islamophobia monitoring group Tell Mama has reported that 2017 saw a record number of anti-Muslim attacks and incidents of abuse reported. The group’s annual report identified 1,201 verified reports submitted in 2017, representing a rise of 26% from 2016.

‘Islamophobia’: A contested term in UK discourse

Recent claims that Islamophobia does not exist has prompted questioning over whether the term, which some argue conflates the anti-Muslim and the anti-Islam, is a useful one to use.