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A three-part series on Muslims in France on Al Jazeera

January 3, 2014   A three-part series on Muslims in France on Al Jazeera.   Source: http://www.aljazeera.com/programmes/specialseries/2013/12/muslims-france-2013122082835640302.html

Ramadan’s ‘non-fasters’

09.07.2013 Le Monde Although keeping the fast during Ramadan is one Islam’s five pillars, around one third of French Muslims do not observe the sacred tradition....

French Ex-Muslim Council founded

Le Figaro 6.7.2013 A group of former Muslims who have rejected Islam have come together in Paris to found the Council of French Ex-Muslims. The group...

The new age of anti-terrorism

Le Monde 16.03.2013 A year after Mohamed Merah’s killing spree in Toulouse and its surroundings, the domestic anti-terrorist initiatives of the French intelligence services comes under...