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Ramadan 2019 : The rise of the ‘green’ iftar

  This year has seen the continuation of the trend towards ‘green’ Iftars, the breaking of the fast in a manner that it is environmentally...

A secular Muslim’s guide to drinking alcohol during Ramadan

Writing in the Washington Post, Khaled Diab offers his guide to drinking alcohol during Ramadan for secular Muslims. While alcohol is considered prohibited by the majority of Muslims, a significant minority of Muslims do consume it, and interestingly, a number of Muslim-majority countries top the global rankings for alcohol consumption, meaning Muslims living in them often outdrink their Western counterparts.

Ramadan: elementary school offers a midday room for fasting students

The recent decision by Emile Bockstael Elementary School to invite Ramadan students to return home at table time had sparked controversy. Since, the children...

#FosterFriday: Muslim Foster Network launches ‘Fostering Friday’ as part of Ramadan...

The Muslim Foster Network (MFN) has made Friday 25th May, 9th Ramadan, as ‘Fostering Friday’, “a day of action to raise awareness of the need for Muslim Foster carers”, as it estimates 8,100 new foster families are needed in the next twelve months. These families are needed for Muslim children, many of whom (approximately 4000) are unaccompanied refugee children.