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The case of Saudi teen refugee Rahaf Al-Qunun who finds asylum...

At a time in which there is the global migrant crisis has rendered refugees ‘faceless strangers’, the case of Rahaf Al Qunun captured worldwide...

Hajj and globalisation: How Saudi Arabia is adapting, and could adapt,...

With demand for Hajj increasing, Saudi Arabia has had to adapt the infrastructure of the pilgrimage, and faces further challenges in terms of regulating the Hajj tour-operating industry which operates worldwide.

A secular Muslim’s guide to drinking alcohol during Ramadan

Writing in the Washington Post, Khaled Diab offers his guide to drinking alcohol during Ramadan for secular Muslims. While alcohol is considered prohibited by the majority of Muslims, a significant minority of Muslims do consume it, and interestingly, a number of Muslim-majority countries top the global rankings for alcohol consumption, meaning Muslims living in them often outdrink their Western counterparts.

#OurZakatBelongsHere: The Case for the Local Distribution of Zakah

Mamnun Khan has recently examined the way in which British Muslims give zakah, a very relevant topic for Ramadan. He argues for the local distribution of zakah as it is not only more effective, but also in accordance with Islamic theology.