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Report sheds light on the harmful globalisation of countering violent extremism...

A report by Arun Kundnani and Ben Hayes “brings much needed attention to the global deployment of increasingly standardized policies countering violent extremism”.

‘Counter-Islamophobia Kit’ launched at European Parliament to tackle increasing Islamophobia in...

The end of September 2018 saw European academics and policy makers launch a “toolkit” to tackle Islamophobia in Europe at the European Parliament in Brussels. The “Counter-Islamophobia Kit” briefing paper represents the largest study of its kind.

Channel 4’s documentary, The Truth about Muslim Marriage, receives mixed reactions

The Truth about Muslim Marriage surveyed married Muslim women in the UK and discusses how some religious marriage ceremonies, such as the Islamic niqah are not recognised under UK law.

Ofsted criticised for decision to question primary school girls wearing the...

The head of Ofsted says the hijab “could be interpreted as sexualisation of young girls”.