‘Conscience Testing’ Spreads to Hessen in Germany

    Hessen State plans to implement the conscious test, which Baden Wurttemberg State has been implementing for those who want to become German citizens. Hessen Internal Minister Volker Bouffier made a statement to Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung Newspaper informing of their plan to implement a test named Information and Values in one month’s time for immigrants who want to become German citizens. Bouffier noted those who want to become German citizens in the future should prove they share the same values of German citizens. Bouffier said everybody, who wants to be a German citizen, would be expected to know and understand the basic foundations of citizenship and added: The internal dependence condition, which is demanded, in the immigration law, cannot be provided with written statements demanded from immigrants. The questioning of becoming a citizen is more than spending a time in a particular country and signature.

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