Mosque on Wheels Takes Islam to the German Streets

    This summer, a group of Muslims is touring Germany with a mosque on wheels. They hope their ”rolling mosque” will help change German public opinion, which often associates Islam and Muslims with terror and fanaticism. The Islamobil is a sort of travelling mosque, one that aims to inform Germans about Islam. A group of young Muslims from the small city of Br_hl near Cologne came up with the idea in 2001 and will travel around Germany with it this summer. One of the founders, G_l_zar Keskin, said the idea was born out of the desire to explain and illustrate Islam on-the-spot. The goal of the project is for Muslims to reach out to non-Muslims, instead of waiting for the reverse to happen, said Keskin, thus, the idea to bring the cultural dialogue directly to the Germans where they live.

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