Second International Meeting About Islamic Feminism

    The president of the Intercultura, Yonaida Sel-lam, Hill participate this weekend in the Second International Meeting about Islamic Feminism celebrated in Barcelona and organized by the Junta Isl_mica de Catalu_a, together with the Generalitat de Catalu_a, the Concejal_a de la Mujer del Ayuntamiento de Barcelona, the Institut Europeo de la Mediterr_nea, the Fundaci_n Pluralismo y Convivencia and the Junta Isl_mica de Espa_a. This initiative aims to give continuity to the task of the First Meeting, which is to advertise the emergent feminine Islamic movement to the transnational promotion of gender equality. The participants are intellectual Islamic women (Sahin Sardar Al_, Law Professor of the University of Peshawar; the American Margot Badran, the Indonesian Lily Zakiyah Munir) working subjects such as abortion, polygamy, divorce, violence, sexual rights, family planning and leadership in countries like Morocco, Pakistan, Iran, Nigeria or Indonesia.

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