Tradition as means of survival: intercultural understanding: this Berlin dome doesn’t belong to any mosque

    The enemy wears a dark blue tie over a striped shirt under a black suit jacket, gold-rimmed glasses and a friendly twinkle in his eye. He speaks English with an Asian accent, prays five times a day, searches Berlin’s eateries for sticky rice, and is surprised by the ticket controls in the S-Bahn. The enemy speaks quietly, out of obligation; he lets the other speak more, he doesn’t complain about the Pope, doesn’t protest over the opera and his wife and daughters don’t wear the headscarf. The enemy does not consider himself to be the enemy. And probably he isn’t. Probably. This article goes on to convey the points of view of a variety of second or third generation immigrant Berlin Muslims, with particular attention to the controversy over the Berlin Opera’s cancelled performance of “Idomeneo”.

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