Writers Andrea Camilleri and Hanif Kureishi, filmmaker Marco Bellocchio, journalist Eugenio Scalfari, Oscar-winning musician Nicola Piovani and architect Peter Eisenmann will be among those attending Borders at Rome’s second Philosophy Festival this month. The festival will tackle such issues as West versus East, Faith versus Reason, contemporary threats to Enlightenment thinking, Freedom from dogma, and the end of mind-body dualism. The ‘lay’ speakers will be joined by professional thinkers like Italy’s Gianni Vattimo and Luciano Canfora, France’s Marc Auge’, Germany’s Peter Sloterdijk, Spain’s Fernando Savater and Switzerland’s Tariq Ramadan, famous for his belief that Islam may gradually reform European secularism. The goal of the event is to bring often abstract concepts “into the realm of collective thinking and common sense,” according to the organizers, two of Italy’s best-known leftwing thinkers and authors, Giacomo Marramao and Paolo Flores d’Arcais.

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