Poll: One of four UK Muslims say 7/7 bombs staged

    A quarter of Britain’s two million Muslims believe UK Government agents staged the July 7 suicide bombings, a new survey has found. They think the four men named as the killers of 52 passengers on the London transport system were not responsible for the attacks. The poll, for the commercial TV station “Channel 4”, late last night, discovered that conspiracy theories about July 7 are rife among Muslims, similar to those about the 9/11 attacks in the United States. This came on the day British Prime Minister Tony Blair attended a conference on Islam and insisted Muslims “overwhelmingly” wanted to be “loyal citizens”, despite the “disproportionate” public attention given to “small, groups” of radicals. However according to last night’s poll, a significant proportion, six-out-of-ten British Muslims, say the Government has not told the whole truth about the 2005 bombings. More than half of the 500 Muslims polled also felt the security services had made up evidence to convict terror suspects.

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