A Dis-integrating Society: David Goodhart vs Tariq Ramadan

{On June 4, 2007, Tariq Ramadan wrote an editorial for the Guardian entitled, “Blair can no longer deny a link exists between terrorism and foreign policy.” He argued the debate around the [unwillingness of Muslims to integrate obscures attention from the need for British society to come to terms with its “self-professed values.” The next week, Prospect {editor David Goodhart published his reply, “An Open Letter to Tariq Ramadan” in} Prospect.} Tariq Ramadan’s Letter to the Guardian David Goodhart’s Open Letter to Tariq Ramadan {Below is an article about this debate published on Tabsir.net.} My colleague and friend Dr. Philip G. Ziegler directed my attention to a recent debate which has started between Tariq Ramadan and the Editor of Prospect, David Goodhart. The diatribe started when The Guardian published a letter by Prof. Ramadan. It is important to say that Prof. Ramadan has been at the centre of a controversial debate himself. Some consider him a progressive and moderate Muslim scholar, while others suggest that he is a cunning, insidious, and double-tongued extremist. Much of this allegation and subsequent debate took off when Prof. Ramadan accepted in February 2004 the tenured position of Luce Professor of Religion at the Joan B. Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies, at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana, USA. After first granting permission, the US State Department later revoked his visa in late July 2004, forcing him to resign his position…

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