Denmark: Denmark: Connections between recent terror plots

The people who have been arrested on Tuesday’s terrorism case in Copenhagen and the former Glostrup case members both have connections to the same radical Islamist environment, having taught in the same mosque in Heimdalsgade in Copenhagen. The older of the eight men, SA, functioned as “spiritual leader” for one of the case’s main suspects, AT (21), giving him and other youth Koran lessons in Aved_re, and introducing him to the extremist scene in the capital. SA (29) was released but is still a suspect. AT and HK, both 21 years old, have been arrested for 27 days on suspicion of planning a terror attack. Berlingske Tidende’s sources say that SA was inspired by Abu Ahmed, self-appointed imam. Abu Ahmed is also related to the Glostrup case, where he provided spiritual guidance for Abu Lifa (recently sentenced to 7 years in prison) and his three co-suspects at the mosque in Heimdalsgade (N_rrebro).

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