Ireland opens three-in-one faith school

    A first-of-a-kind faith school will be launched in Ireland under the patronage of Catholic, Muslim and Jewish leaders to accommodate pupils from the three religions under the same roof. “Instead of having one patron, the school will have tripartite patronage,” said Mary Shine Thompson, chairperson of the Intercultural Interdenominational Primary School (IIPS). Enrolment in the tri-religious school in Kildare county, southwest of Dublin started on Monday and it is due to open its doors by the next academic year. Unlike most schools, which are run under the Roman Catholic Church, IIPS will have a joint Catholic, Islamic and Jewish supervision. The project’s main sponsors are Dr James Moriarty, the Catholic Bishop of Kildare and Leighlin, Rabbi Charles Middleburgh of the Dublin Progressive Jewish congregation and Imam Hussein Halawa of the Islamic Cultural Centre of Ireland. Founders say the school will be the first of its kind in Europe, capturing the ethos of three religions together.

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