Terrorism is ‘anti-Islamic’ – Home Secretary Jacqui Smith

    The Home Secretary Jacqui Smith gave a speech on terrorism and radicalisation at a conference hosted by Kings College London to launch their International Centre for the Study of Radicalisation and Political Violence on Thursday. She said: “First and foremost, terrorists are criminals. As so many Muslims in the UK and across the world have pointed out, there is nothing Islamic about the wish to terrorise, nothing Islamic about plotting murder, pain, and grief. Indeed, if anything, these actions are _anti-Islamic’.” “We need to challenge the ideology of violent extremism, that misreading of Islam and view of history and contemporary politics which justify terrorism.” The Secretary of State said: “Stopping people becoming or supporting terrorists is the major long-term challenge we face. “I believe we should also take action against those who groom vulnerable people for the purposes of violent extremism.” Ms Smith outlined the Government’s strategy to tackle radicalization among British Muslims and announced moves to clamp down on violent extremism on the internet. She urged internet providers to remove al Qaida and extremist websites and called for action against people who groom others to commit acts of terrorism. This move comes after details of an extremist website containing threats against the Prime Minister and calling for the creation of a British al-Qaida were revealed. Safa Suling Tanhttp://themuslimweekly.com/newsdetails/fullstoryview.aspx?NewsID=530E54911282A1C341E3E1C3&MENUID=HOMENEWS&DESCRIPTION=Front%20Page%20News

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