A 33-year-old Jordanian man admitted to a German court Wednesday that he had participated in internet chatroom conversations that discussed committing terrorist acts. The man, identified as Thaer A, is charged with attempting to establish an islamist terrorist training camp in Sudan, along with Redouane el-H, a German of Moroccan origin who was jailed for more than five years last month after being guilty on a similar charge. Both trials relied largely on evidence compiled through police monitoring of internet chatrooms in an international operation. On the opening day of the trial, the court sitting in the northern city of Schleswig, heard that A, whose family comes originally from the Palestinian region, was supposed to provide the financial means for the cell. Police tracked down the members of the cell by monitoring chatroom conversations, arresting A in Sweden in March last year. “I took part in the conversations,” A told the court through his defence counsel. The defence has reached agreement with the prosecution and the court on reduction of sentence.

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