Muslim Geographies

Speakers include: Tahir Abbas, Ziauddin Sardar, Claire Dwyer, Sarah Glynn, Peter Hopkins, Arun Kundnani, Reina Lewis, Anoop Nayak, Rachel Pain, Jane Pollard…

This event aims to provide a forum for debate about spaces that shape Muslim lives: 

  •   Everyday spaces: campus, home, street, city, workplace, etc
  • National and transnational spaces
  •  Past and present, real and imagined spaces
  •   Geographies of connection, relationships with non-Muslims
  •   Establish informed dialogue between Muslims and non-Muslims, and between academics and activists
  • The format includes:

  •   Presentations by researchers, panel discussions, round-table debate
  •   Lunch and drinks reception
  •   Public lecture and debate by Tahir Abbas and Ziauddin Sardar
  •   Invitation to participate
  • Abstracts for short presentations or other forms of participation such as proposals for panels are invited; Informal participation is also encouraged: simply register and attend.

    Deadline for receipt of participation proposals: Fri 7 December, 2007*

    Pre-registration required for catering and room planning; registration free before January 31; £10 thereafter.

    Convened by Richard Phillips (University of Liverpool), Naima Bouteldja (Transnational Institute) and Jamil Iqbal (Leeds Met University).

    Merseyside Maritime Museum, Albert Dock, (Liverpool)

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