Council clarifies mosque IT funding revelation

    Rochdale Council responded with a detailed explanation of the source of funding after controversy arose following the revelation that mosques were to be installed with IT equipment. Following Rochdale Online request to Rochdale Council for further clarification, Andy Zuntz, Executive Director, gave an explanation of aims of the programme from where the funding came. He said that as per the objectives set by the Government, the funding was designed to identify Muslims as a “welcome part of a wider British society… Reject violent extremist ideology and actively condemn violent extremism” and “isolate violent extremist activity” while supporting and co-operating with the police and security services. He said: “Central Alquba Mosque & Islamic Centre of Rochdale put forward a proposal on behalf of other mosques following an open invitation to agencies and organisations across the Borough by the LSP Community Cohesion Sub-group in October 2007.”

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