Neo-Nazis as big a threat as al-Qa’ida – new chief

    Scotland’s new terror tsar has warned that the threat from right-wing extremism is as damaging to community relations as the menace posed by al-Qa’ida. In an exclusive interview on his first day as the Association of Chief Police Officers in Scotland’s counter terrorism co-ordinator, Allan Burnett said forces should not ignore the latent neo-Nazi presence across the UK. Fife’s assistant chief constable said the public is at risk because racism is being used to unite people into violent causes. He said this also undermines police work to reassure the Muslim community following the attack on Glasgow Airport last year. Burnett said: “We’ve had a number of right-wing issues recently in the UK that again have raised their head in Scotland. “There have been serious cases down south that have been really well dealt with by the police down there, but we shouldn’t be complacent about it.

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