65% support ban on large mosques

    According to a large survey organized by TV program Netwerk and the newspaper Nederlands Dagblad, 65% of Dutch either ‘agree’ or ‘completely agree’ that there should be a stop on the building of new, large mosques. Also relayed from the survey, is the concern over the growth and influence of Islam in Dutch society, and a simultaneous majority concern about the negative manner in which Geert Wilders and his Party for Freedom discuss Islam. 59% of Dutch think that Islam, in 40 years, would be at least as important an aspect in Dutch society as Christianity is today. 57% of respondents also say that the increase in the number of Muslims poses a threat to Dutch culture, and 53% say that it threatens freedom of religion. In addition, 61% responded that radical Islam in the Netherlands would not disappear on its own. A total of 1386 people were questioned in the survey on Islam in the Netherlands.

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