According to France’s Minister of the Interior, there are currently 5 million Muslims living in its border, approximately 5% of which are regular practitioners. In their new book on French Muslims (Les Musulmans en France, _dition Robert Laffont), Bernard Godard and Sylvie Taussig estimate that more that 1.5 million are Algerian or of Algerian-origin. The remainder include 1 million Moroccans; 400,000 Tunisians; 340,000 Sub-Saharan Africans (mostly from Senegal and Mali), 313,000 Turks; 70,000 Asians; and an estimated 40,000 converts and Muslims without papers. 43% of Muslims in France, according to their book, are non-practicing. There are currently 1,890 known mosques in France.

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