An organisation seeking a “new engagement” for Scottish Muslims will be launched in Edinburgh later this month. The event is scheduled to be addressed by First Minister Alex Salmond. The Scottish-Islamic Foundation (SIF) is led by second and third generation Muslims and converts to the faith, and their launch comes just a few days before the anniversary of the Glasgow Airport attack. The Foundation runs a leadership training programme, which aims to teach Muslims how their faith demands they be good citizens. They believe that Scotland can play an important role in bringing civilisations together. Osama Saeed, Chief Executive of SIF, said: “Research has shown Scottish Muslims are very comfortable with their identity, and this is an example our country can take to the rest of Europe. We don’t need to have the same debate about integration we see elsewhere, and it means we can talk about how Muslims can now further deepen their contribution to the country. “In that respect, our five aims are firmly rooted within the Islamic tradition but may surprise some – freedom, respect, education, families and justice.

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