Toronto Islamic Centre Sends Money for Khadr Bail, Denies Ties to Extremists

    Members of the Salaheddin Islamic Centre in the east-end of Toronto have pledged $50,000 CAD in bail money for Abdullah Khadr, who has been in custody for 2 _ years. Mr. Khadr, 27, is wanted in the United States for allegedly buying weapons in Pakistan for al-Qaeda and plotting to kill Americans in Afghanistan. The Salaheddin Islamic Centre’s manager rejected suggestions that it has ties to terrorist activities that would make it unsuitable for Mr. Khadr if he’s granted bail, pending his fight to stave off extradition to the United States. The prosecution’s lawyer, Howard Piafsky, noted that Mr. Khadr’s late father, known to be close to Osama bin Laden, attended the centre. The centre’s co-founder alledgedly went to Iraq to fight the U.S.-led invasion. Mr. Khadr’s grandparents, Mohamed and Fatmah Elsamnah, have offered to put up their Toronto home, estimated to be worth $300,000 CAD, as surety.

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