A young Hindu man, now 20, who converted to Islam from Hinduism, has been deemed ignorant of Islam in his court trial. His lawyer claims that the alleged nefarious plot to « cripple Canada » was nothing more than an unrealistic “delusion.”

His conversion to Islam has been well-charted. Muhammad Robert Heft, who was approached by the young man at Paradise For Ever, a non-profit centre he runs in Toronto for recent Muslim converts told the Globe and Mail, « He’s a kid who doesn’t know very much, if at all, about the religion. » The accused’s father told the court, « By force they were taking him. At that time itself I would’ve alerted police and he would’ve been saved. » Mr. Heft claims that the young man (who cannot be named because he was a minor at the time of the incident) came to Paradise For Ever seeking refuge in the organization’s emergency shelter and claiming he was abused at home.

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