Accused Canadian Terrorist Did Not Target Britain, Says Defense Lawyer

    The defense lawyer of Momin Khawaja, a Pakistani-born Canadian citizen, accused of collaborating with a group of British Muslims who in 2004 sought to bomb British buildings and natural gas grids, told the Ontario Superior Court that his client’s case should be thrown out. Attorney Lawrence Greenspon presented a motion requesting that the terrorism charges be dropped due to a lack of evidence to substantiate bomb-plot allegations. Khawaja has said that while he wanted to fight for the Islamic cause in Afghanistan, he never intended to bomb civilians in Britain. Khawaja, an Ottawa software developer, faces seven charges under Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act, which include financing and facilitating terrorism, participating in terrorist training and meetings, and making a house owned by his family in Pakistan available for terrorist use. Khawaja has pleaded not guilty to all the charges.

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