Call to sniff out bomb ‘brainwashers’

A Muslim advisor has called for the extremists who “brainwashed” failed Exeter suicide bomber Nicky Reilly to be brought to justice. Muslim convert Reilly from Plymouth has admitted attempted murder at the Giraffe restaurant on 22 May. During the inquiry, police said he had been radicalised.
Imam Dr Abdul-Jalil Sajid, from the Muslim Council for Religious and Racial Harmony UK, said investigations should not stop with Reilly. The 22-year-old had been preparing the attack when a bomb went off in his hands in a toilet cubicle. Police believe Reilly, said to have learning difficulties, was “preyed upon” by others. Dr Sajid told the BBC: “I don’t want the perpetrators behind these people who have been brainwashed to get free. “We need to get to the bottom of it and arrest them and punish them so that it will teach others not to do this kind of heinous crime in our cities.” Reilly, who appeared at the Old Bailey in London, will be sentenced on 21 November.

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