De Menezes “killed without warning”

The Scotland Yard men who shot dead Jean Charles de Menezes did not identify themselves as police officers before opening fire, according to three witnesses who saw the Brazilian electrician being killed. The evidence, given by passengers who were in the same train car as Mr. de Menezes when he was shot in July 2005, contradicts statements made by the Metropolitan Police.

Both of the armed officers who shot de Menezes have told the inquest they shouted “armed police” before firing. This claim has also been corroborated by other officers who were on the train on the day de Menezes was killed. But three witnesses have said there was no such alert. Their testimonies appear to lend weight to the accusation levelled by Michael Mansfield QC representing de Menezes’ family that the Metropolitan Police officers had “embellished, exaggerated, and lied.”

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