Muslim hate preacher Bakri makes a mockery of UK law

Just days after Home Secretary Jacqui Smith announced tough new measures to name and shame foreign-based extremists barred from UK, Muslim hate preacher Omar Bakri Muhammad has dodged the law to preach his views in the UK. More than 200 Muslims attended a packed public meeting in Tower Hamlets and were told by organiser Anjem Choudary: “We have a special surprise, a special treat for you. Sheikh Omar Bakri Muhammad will be joining us on a live feed from Lebanon.”

“As Muslims, we will not submit to any man-made law, any government, or any prime minister – Bush or Brown – or Jacqui Smith. We submit to Allah,” he added. Choudary, who, with Bakri led the fanatical Al-Muhajiroun organization – notorious for its glorification of terrorism and the 9/11 attacks before its banning and dissolution in 2004 -warmed up the crowd with his own inflammatory rhetoric. Bakri, who was booted out of Britain after calling for the West’s downfall, addressed a meeting of young Muslims via a videolink from Lebanon.

Bakri, who is on the UK’s terror watch list, sidestepped the law by not appearing at the east London meeting in person. Choudary, who had booked the council-run room in Tower Hamlets for the event, told the gathering that taking over the UK was their duty.

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