Germany bails website authors on terrorism charge

Karlsruhe, Germany – German authorities said Monday they have freed on bail two young men whose postings on a website led to serious charges of supporting a terrorist group. Magistrates freed Daniel P, aged 26, a German who has converted to Islam, and Harun Can A, 23, after they had admitted allegations by federal prosecutors.

They are required to report daily to police, a federal prosecutor in Karlsruhe said.

Their German-language website, the Global Islamic Media Front (GIMF), has operated since 2006 and supports radical Islamist groups.

Sources said police had eight GIMF authors, some still at school, under scrutiny. Four of the group were ethnic Germans who had become Muslims by choice. P was arrested two weeks ago.

Federal prosecutors responsible for counter-espionage and counter- terrorism took charge of the case because they viewed GIMF as an aid to Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda, though it was not in direct contact with that network.

Videos on the GIMF website were described as threatening to Germany and Austria.

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