Virtual world for Muslims debuts

A trial version of a virtual world aimed at the Muslim community has recently been launched. The virtual world, called Muxlim Pal, allows Muslims to look take on a cartoon avatar that inhabits the virtual world. The idea is loosely based on such similar ideas including The Sims, Muxlim Pal’s creators hope it will foster understanding among non-Muslims who are welcome to join the community as well. “We are not a religious site, we are a site that is focused on the lifestyle. This is for anyone who is remotely interested in the Muslim culture and the Muslim lifestyle,” said Mohamed El-Fatatry, founder of – the parent site of Muxlim Pal. The basis for Muxlim Pal is to allow an online social world where participants can engage with each other from all over the world, to interact with each other, through the comforts of their own home – in a shared virtual community.

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