A range of LEGO-style fighting figures – including Osama bin Laden – has sparked outrage among Muslims. The tiny figures – decked out as a follower of 9/11 mastermind Osama Bin Laden – have a removeable mask and are kitted out with a rocket launcher. A Muslim youth organisation condemned the toys for “satirising murder”. As well as extremist fighters, the range includes Nazi soldiers. The pieces, modified Lego men produced by internet company BrickArms, include the “white bandit” which resembles Osama bin Laden, and various German troops from the Second World War.

Mohammed Shafiq, from the Ramadhan Foundation, said: “We are disappointed that they’ve gone and done this. This is no different from glorifying terrorism. We’re absolutely disgusted by it and, really, people should be focusing on how to come together as a nation to tackle this evil crime rather than promoting intolerance. “Nowadays people hide behind freedom of speech as an excuse to hurt people’s feelings. It’s hurtful to the families who have suffered and lost loved ones. They are trying to satirise murder and terrorism. I don’t see any difference with someone getting up and shouting slogans in favour of terrorism.”

BrickArms produces a range of customised LEGO figures, including US and German Second World War soldiers, and accessories such as miniature guns, knives, baseball bats and grenades. In the run-up to Christmas the firm is offering weapons in a range of limited edition colours.

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