Offers a virtual 3D environment catering to western Muslim audiences: Muxlim Pal was recently launched and is the brain child of Dubai-born Mohamed El-Fatatry, who is based in Finland. Muxlim Pal is an online social networking community that offers a virtual 3D environment catering to western Muslim audiences. Not to be confused with Second Life, Muxlim is loosely based around virtual worlds like The Sims. “We are not a religious site, we are a site that is focused on lifestyle,” said Mohamed El-Fatatry, founder of – the parent site of Muxlim Pal. Just like virtual worlds, visitors can customize their cartoon avatar and drop in at Muxlim’s office, beach cafe, shopping malls, gift shops, and other places to chat with visitors. The virtual world is based on Flash, runs on Amazon’s cloud computing infrastructure, and looks promisingly slick. More basic ‘The Sims’ like features would be implemented in the Muxlim Pal world soon. To upgrade character clothing and possessions, ‘coins’ need to be purchased, just like Second Life has Linden Dollars. Though creators claim that Muxlim isn’t a religious site, the tag line itself states – Enhancing the Muslim Lifestyle. One can find religious impressions like kneeling for prayer, which is not found on massive multiplayers online. Creators claim tens of millions users visit Muxlim every year.

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