British Muslims outraged by Gaza attacks

The Ramadhan Foundation based in the UK has called for “real action” in the middle-east following the IDF attacks on Gaza today claiming 205 Palestinian lives. Mohammed Shafiq, Director of the Foundation in a statement has said: “It is now clear that the Israeli attacks are war crimes and its time for the unmoral and Nazi like regime in Israel to be held responsible. How can they justify killing hundreds of innocent people in this disgusting way. We stand with the Palestinian people in Gaza during these difficult and dark days, their struggle against these war crimes will not end until their lives are as sacred as Western lives. I am however disappointed by the biased statement issued by the FCO, once again they give Israel the right to break international law and kill innocent people, where is the justness that this discredited Government promised on foreign policy.” The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office only recently had Foreign Minister for the Middle East Bill Rammell in a visit to Israel say: “I have come here to see for myself the impact the situation on the ground. I can see very clearly the traumatic effect that the repeated rocket attacks from Gaza into Israel are having. People are traumatised.”

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