A policeman has been knocked unconscious and two others have been injured during a protest in London against the fighting in Gaza. An initially peaceful demonstration ended with a group of protesters throwing missiles at police and smashing windows on Kensington High Street near the Israeli Embassy. Riot officers from the Metropolitan Police force charged at the group of mainly young men. Sticks and barriers were hurled at the officers by the group, many of whom were masked.

Three hundred police in full riot gear surrounded a similar-sized group of protesters pushing them up the street. Twenty thousand people joined the procession from Hyde Park to the Israeli Embassy.

Three people have been arrested. In Edinburgh, where thousands more gathered, demonstrators threw shoes at the US Consulate. Actress Lauren Booth, who took part in the London demonstration, criticised her brother-in-law Tony Blair, saying that his suggestions for a ceasefire in Gaza would condemn Palestinians “to a slow agonising death”.

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