Naples imam to visit Auschwitz

Imam Yasin Gentile of Naples is planning on visiting the former Nazi death camp in Poland to pray for the victims, and that such tragedies do not happen ever again. “I am ready and Monday I will depart for Auschwitz, where I will pray with members of other faiths, for the victims of the Shoah (Holocaust),” said Yasin.

The Naples imam is known for being the first Italian imam to graduate from Saudi Arabia’s Islamist University in Medina, and will also be the first to visit a former Nazi camp. “I have decided to adhere to this initiative to say no to violence from wherever it comes from, especially at a time like this, when due to the war in Gaza, the phenomenon of anti-Semitism among Islamic communities in Europe could increase considerably,” Gentile said, adding that he “hopes such horror does not happen again.”

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